Our Team

Our Team

Board of Directors

o   Christopher Heisler, President & CEO, SGT. U.S. Army (Retired)

o   Alvaro Zabaleta, Vice-President, Detective Miami-Dade Police Department

o   Jason Bloom, Vice-President, Attorney, Haynes and Boone

o   Todd Radford, Vice-President, Chief of Police City of Lakeway Police Department

o   Angela Tsuida, Vice-President, Detective San Diego County Sheriff’s Office

o Ryan Martina, Background, Recruitment and Selection, Captain Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy

o   Brent Jones, Director, Deputy Commander IAFF Honor Guard

o   Mary Meyers, Secretary, Director of Education

Past Board of Directors

o   Sallie Clark, Director, El Paso County Colorado Commissioner (Retired)

o   Julie Pomerantz, Past Founding Member

o   Robert Parker (Deceased)

As The Honor Network President and Co-Founder, Chris Heisler is charged with upholding the organization’s mission to remind Americans of the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform; a subject with which he has first-hand knowledge.

In April of 2003, Chris put his career on hold and enlisted in the United States Army. He participated in a special program with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command where he utilized his extensive IT background to help develop a gang member intelligence database that was used by area police and federal law enforcement.

As part of the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, Chris was instrumental in providing U.S. Service men and women with invaluable communication tools, such as Internet and telephone access, as well as secured communication.

He has experienced success in the professional world also and currently serves as a federal energy compliance and regulations manager for a major technology company. In 2009, he received a congressional nomination to sit on the NERC standards board.

Cynthia spent almost 20 years as a Police Officer, starting her career with the Durham Police Department, NC, and finishing her career with the Grand Junction Police Department, CO.  Cynthia was part of the Grand Junction Police Department Honor Guard for 13 years.  Cynthia had the Honor of being assigned to Chris Heisler and The U.S. Honor Flag when Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Derek Geer was killed in the line of duty on February 8, 2016.   Hero Derek Geer was honored with such reverence  by everyone involved that soon after he was laid to rest, Cynthia knew that honoring heroes was her calling.  Cynthia retired from Law Enforcement in August 2017 to volunteer full time with The Honor Network.  Cynthia and U.S. Honor Flag Founder Chris Heisler married in 2018 and now travel full time honoring Heroes.


Danielle has been proudly married to a LEO for 7 years.  Together they have 4 children.  She is a project manager for a hotel management company located in Denver, CO.  She began helping with US Honor Flag with lodging accommodation’s back in 2015.

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